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Shimberg Playhouse @ the Straz Center

You’re reading the official blurb, or short summary, of [title of show]. Blurb. That’s a funny word. We spent a lot of time on this blurb so please read the whole blurb. [title of show] is a musical about two nobodies named Hunter and Jeff who decide to write a completely original musical starring themselves and their attractive and talented ladyfriends, Susan and Heidi. Their musical, [title of show], gets into the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and becomes a hit. Then it gets an off-Broadway production at the Vineyard Theatre, and wins three Obie Awards! Then (drumroll if you’ve got a drum) it’s announced that their musical is going to Broadway (hooray!) and people start seeing this blurb everywhere! They read that The New York Times called [title of show] “DELECTABLE ENTERTAINMENT! A postmodern homage to the grand tradition of backstage musicals like Babes in Arms, Kiss Me, Kate and A Chorus Line.” Fully intrigued, those people snatch up tickets and help make Hunter and Jeff’s life-long dream come true!

April 1-17, 2016

Music & Lyrics by Jeff Bowen
Book by Hunter Bell

Direction by Anthony Paul Gilkinson
Music Direction by Peter A. Belk

April 1-17, 2016
Fri-Sat: 8 pm, Sun: 2 pm
Tickets: $25
Shimberg Playhouse @ Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Cast & Crew

Peter A. Belk as Jeff Bowen
Aaron T. Castle as Hunter Bell
Karli Marie Gundersen as Susan Blackwell
Laura Marie Folsom as Heidi Blickenstaff

Arnel Senson as Larry

Director – Anthony Paul Gilkinson
Music Director – Peter A. Belk
Producer – Cathy Hooten
Stage Manager – Brandon Rathbone
Assistant Stage Manager – Mab Miranda
Lighting Designer – Anthony Vito


“mad takes ballsy risks by doing a show with four Seinfeldian characters, a minimal set featuring four chairs, and one keyboard. And God bless them for that.”

“with mad Theatre’s production, we have four wonderfully talented local souls portraying Jeff, Hunter, Heidi and Susan…”

“for those who love musical theatre and want a good time celebrating its behind-the-scenes creation, then this is your baby.”

Peter Nason, BroadwayWorld.com

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